Viscous Fluid Dampers for BC Place Seismic Protection

22 Jul Viscous Fluid Dampers for BC Place Seismic Protection

Taylor Devices Inc. of North Tonawanda NY, USA in conjunction with Teratec Inc. the Exclusive Canadian Distributor, leaders in seismic protection of buildings, bridges, historical structures and stadiums is proud to announce being awarded the contract, to supply Viscous Fluid Dampers as part of the design and building system solution for seismic protection of BC Place stadium.

BC Place stadium was built in the early 80’s with its first major event in 1984 “A celebration of Life” hosted by Pope John Paul II. Today BC Place is the largest sports, exhibition and entertainment venue of its kind in British Columbia, hosting events such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

By 2011 the newly designed state-of-the-art stadium, with a new retractable roof will not only be hosting the BC Lions, the 2011 CFL Grey Cup and Vancouver Whitecaps FC, but will also be used as a regional emergency shelter. The building code requirements for seismic protection of BC Place were achieved through the use of Taylor Devices – Viscous Fluid Dampers. These dampers literally soak up the energy of earthquake induced motion, thus preventing structural damage. Viscous Fluid Dampers lower both stress and deflection throughout the structure, allowing the structure to remain elastic during a seismic event. In the design stage most structural engineering software allows for the use of viscous equivalent damping to simulate structural damping. All Taylor Fluid Viscous Dampers have an output identical to this model. Taylor Devices – Viscous Fluid Dampers provide peace of mind as they are extremely reliable, with no dependence on outside energy sources, require no maintenance and are simple to install.

BC Place is not the first stadium to incorporate Taylor Devices as a solution for either seismic, wind or vibration. Other stadiums include Seattle, Washington (SAFECO Field), Athens, Greece (Peace & Friendship Stadium), Chicago (Soldier Field),UAE ( Dubai Racetrack Stadium), Houston, TX (Minutemaid Park), Boston, MA (Foxboro Stadium) and many others.

Annual Report 2011

Below is a link to Taylor Devices Annual Report with a feature section on BC Place

Taylor Devices Annual Report 2011 featuring BC Place



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