Taylor Devices: Space Technology Hall of Fame Class of 2015

23 Feb Taylor Devices: Space Technology Hall of Fame Class of 2015


The Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame was established in 1988 to increase public awareness of the benefits that result from space exploration programs and to encourage further innovation; since then, 73 technologies have been inducted, spanning such innovations as medical scanning devices, laser vision correction machines, GPS systems and cochlear hearing implants, among others.Space Shuttle Tail Service Masts

Taylor Devices and company President Douglas Taylor were inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame on Thursday April 16th, 2015 at the 31st Space Symposium in Boulder, Colorado.

“Taylor Devices has been working with NASA since the 1960’s,” stated Douglas P. Taylor.  He continued, “Our dampers and related technologies have been utilized on many space-related platforms and this work continues today with our products protecting equipment on the International Space Station.”  He concluded, “It is indeed gratifying to know that our recognized work in Seismic Damper Technology is now successfully protecting hundreds of buildings & bridges around the world against the effects of high winds and earthquakes.”

Teratec Inc. would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Taylor Devices and President Douglas Taylor for this great recognition of their work in the development of Seismic Dampers.


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