Taylor Devices Awarded Contract for Viscous Fluid Dampers for the New Gerald Desmond Bridge

07 Apr Taylor Devices Awarded Contract for Viscous Fluid Dampers for the New Gerald Desmond Bridge

Taylor Devices Inc. of North Tonawanda NY, USA is proud to announce being a partner, supplying Fluid Viscous Dampers as part of the design/build system solution for seismic/wind protection of the New Gerald Desmond Bridge. The New Cable stayed bridge with a main span of 2,000 ft. (610 m) and a total length of 8,800 ft. (2,682 m) will use 34 fused dampers at the towers and bridge deck in both the longitudinal and transverse directions to limit motion and dissipate seismic energy.

Facts about the New Desmond Bridge
  1. West Approach: the 2,800 ft (850 m) West Approach will be on Terminal Island.
  2. Columns: About 90 above-ground steel reinforced concrete columns will support the west and east approach sections of the bridge.
  3. Pedestrian & Bicycle Access: A pedestrian and bicycle path on the south side of the new bridge will connect to bike routes in downtown Long Beach and the east port area.
  4. Hinges: placed between section of the bridge.
  5. Observation Decks: Located along the south side of the bridge.
  6. Cables: 40 Cables will be used to connect each tower to the road deck
  7. Towers: At 515 ft. the bridges two towers will be the second tallest of any cable stayed bridge in the U.S.
  8. Cable-Stayed Bridge: The Cable-Stayed Bridge design connects the cables directly from the towers to the road deck.
  9. Span: The main span and back spans of the bridge will be 2,000 feet long and 205 feet above the water. It will be the highest deck of any cable-stayed bridge in the U.S.
  10. East Approach: the 3,600 ft. (1,100 m) East Approach enters from Long Beach
  11. Foundation: The bridge will be supported by about 350 foundation piles
  12. Channel: The bridge will span the port’s 220 ft. wide back channel
  13. Pile Cap: Built on top of foundation piles



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