Viscous Fluid Dampers

Viscous Fluid Dampers for Structural / Civil Markets


Based on aerospace technology  fluid viscous dampers have been proven in extensive tests at the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Compact, yet powerful, these dampers increase structural damping levels to as much as 50% of critical, the results being truly dramatic stress and deflection reduction. Each damper is individually tested to customer specified maximum forces and velocities. Significant technical changes have been made to Codes Canada 2015 under Earthquake Load and Effects. The change now reflects the use of  supplemental energy dissipation, such as supplemental damping.


Viscous Fluid Damper Features:

  • Substantial stress reduction – greatly enhanced damping lowers both stress and deflection throughout a structure. This allows the structure to remain elastic.
  • Easy to model with existing codes – these dampers are completely viscous in output and will simply and efficiently raise structural damping to 20%-50% of critical, versus 1%-3% for a typical non damping design.
  • Allows designers to reduce cost of the structure by utilizing smaller structural elements and less complex foundations while improving the dynamic performance of the structure.
  • The easily installed passive dampers are extremely reliable with no dependence on outside energy sources.
  • No Maintenance every required.  Taylor Devices exclusive modular design uses a minimum number of moving parts. Patented seal has a history of over 50+ years of successful performance on demanding applications.
  •  Environmentally proven output – thermostatically controlled, virtually unaffected by temperatures from -40 degrees F to +160 degrees F. Nonflammable inert fluid and stainless steel piston rods standard on all models.
  • These dampers are truly viscous, their response is out of phase with structural stresses. Taylor seismic, thermal and wind dampers are available in output force ratings up to 2 million pounds and stroke (amplitude) capacities up to +/-42 inches.


Placement of Dampers

Taylor Devices fluid viscous dampers are easy to incorporate into a structure. Dampers can be placed between any two points where relative motion exists during a transient event such as earthquake or wind event.


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