Tune Mass Dampers

Tune Mass Dampers for Structural / Civil Markets

Taylor Devices has provided turn key solutions for these types of applications including the dynamic analysis, design, manufacturing, installation, and site commissioning. Custom designs and configuration are based on specific applications  A Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) consists of a mass (m), a spring (k), and a damping device (c), which dissipates the energy created by the motion of the mass in the form of heat. In Buildings such as The Hyatt Park Tower Pendulum-Style TMD located at the roof structure where the horizontal deflection from the wind force are felt the greatest, effectively making the building stand relatively still. TMD’s can also be used in cantilevered applications to reduce vibration that may be caused by wind or pedestrians.

Tune Mass Dampers are used on Pedestrian Bridges to control pedestrian induced vibration. Using TMD’s can be the solution to design issues as well creating a cost saving on structural steal frames.


A TMD design for a Cantilevered Applications to reduce Pedestrian Vibration

Tune Mass Damper 2


Pendulum Style TMD Designed for a High Rise Building to Reduce Motion Caused by Wind

Tune Mass Damper 3


Tune Mass Damper for a Pedestrian Bridge to reduce Harmonic vibration induced by pedestrians

Tune Mass Damper 1

LAX – Video Project

This video is of a unique project that uses a 1.2 million pound Tune Mass Damper design for Earthquake protection. The Tune Mass Damper is made up of Dynamic Isolation Systems Lead Rubber Bearing, 8 Taylor Devices Viscous Fluid Dampers and 132 steel plates. This design not only addressed the earthquake protection requirements, provides the most cost effective solution, it also allowed design freedom with no alterations to its iconic appearance


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