Toggle Brace Damping

Toggle Brace Damping Systems for Structural Markets


This design of Viscous Fluid Dampers in a Toggle Brace System is intended for relatively stiff structures, including those with shear walls, or heavy bracing.  Due to the small deflections encountered in these types of structures, direct acting viscous fluid dampers are not considered as good candidates for seismic for seismic or wind protection. This is because relatively large diameter dampers were needed to provide the required energy dissipation over the extremely short floor displacement found in these stiff designs.

Toggle brace damping system uses a simple mechanical linkage to actually multiply damper displacements by a factor as high as 5 to 1, while reducing the damper force required. Therefore, a much more cost-effective damper size can be used. Performance of the system has been demonstrated by extensive seismic testing on the large scale shake table at the State University of New York at Buffalo.Toggle Brace



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