Non Structural Isolation Systems

Non-Structural Isolation Systems

When Isolating an entire structure is not an option then Non-Structural Isolation can be used to protect vital equipment and artwork from the damage or downtime caused by a seismic event. Considering conventional earthquake protection normally utilizes strengthening techniques which will increase seismic forces and acceleration. Conversely, Isolated Platforms reduce equipment forces and acceleration. Seismic isolation has been utilized to achieve Uptime Institute’s Tier 4 rating in seismic zones.

Application for Non-Structural isolation include:
  • Computer Servers
  • Modular Data Centers
  • Prefabricated Structures
  • Artwork, Including Statues
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Emergency Command Centers
  • Data Center Floors
  • Medical, High-Tech & Electrical Equipment
Overhead cable trays can be easily used instead of routing the cables within the floor.


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