Hydraulic Snubbers for the Nuclear and Power Industry

Taylor Devices, Incorporated in 1955, is known world wide for its product line of shock absorbers and high pressure hydraulic systems for critical applications.

The Taylor Devices hydraulic Snubber design combines a hydraulically balanced piston rod with a positive internal pressure of 2000 to 4000 psi. This positive pressure automatically eliminates air voids and maintains sealing contact to preclude leak-age over ling periods of time. In addition, positive internal pressure minimizes the effects of radiation shrinkage on seals.

 Design Features

snubber 3Balanced Rod Construction: The piston rod of a Taylor Snubber extends entirely through both ends of the fluid chamber.  When the Snubber is stroked, there is no net oil compression or displacement by the piston rod.  This eliminates the need for external valves, piping and accumulator, all a potential source for maintenance and malfunction. In addition, the balanced rod design supports the piston rod at ends, greatly increasing its ability to withstand off-center or bending loads. A third advantage of the balanced rod is that both compression and extension snubbing valves are identical, with no biasing required piston rod displacement. The piston rod is fully machined from solid PH type stainless steel, is through hardened, and then hand lapped to a mirror-like one micro-inch surface finish.

Positive Internal Pressure:  The ability of the 2000 psi positive pressure to exclude dirt, moisture, and air from the Snubber is far superior to the current industry approach of low pressure spring loaded accumulators.

Snubbing Value: The low mass and large area of this exclusive value design allows Taylor Snubbers to response to shock frequencies in the range of 1/2Hz. To 40 Hz. This yields maximum protection for power industry use, particularly when seismic disturbances are involved.

Dynamic Seals: The seal design incorporates the pressurized cold flow properties of Hytrel suitable for a 40 year seal life. As the seal wears on the piston rod, minuet quantities of new seal material automatically cold flows in to replace it. Due to the cold flow of Hytrel under the positive pressure of a Taylor Snubber, this seal design is nearly totally free from radiation and thermal shrinkage.

External Guide Sleeve: Taylor Snubbers utilize a rugged sliding steel guide sleeve installed over the piston rod. This exclusive design feature offers protection of the piston rod from hostile environments, and a significant increase in structural rigidity under lateral loading.

Standard Models Small Bore: Capabilities from 40,000 lbs. to 150,000 lbs.

Standard Models Large Bore: Capabilities from 300,000 lbs. to 1,000,000 lbs.

Retrofit and Custom Applications: Capabilities from 350 lbs. to 3,000,000 lbs.

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