Special Application’s

Special Application’s for Military  and Navy Industry


Taylor Devices works with their clients in a confidential secure environment to design, manufacture and test special application requirements for the military and Navy industry. All Taylor Devices products are produced and qualified through strenuous testing for performance and environmental compatibility at their facility in North Tonawanda. Certification include U.S Government, NASA and various federal and corporate agencies. Teratec Inc. is a approved vender for the Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Submarine Electronic System

Custom D-Series damper for use on a submarine electronic system

Liquid Spring Isolator for the NavyLiquid Spring Isolator for the Navy

Three Taylor Tension-Compression Liquid Spring Isolators for Naval use

Buffer for Navy Radar AntennaBuffer for Navy Radar Antennna

Modified 3 x 3 Crane Buffer for shipboard radar antenna

Shock-Snubber for Shipboard Heat Exchanger

Force Regulating Shock-Snubber for heat exchangers

Coil Spring Isolators for Navy Navigation Systems

Isolator for shipboard navigation system. Has coil spring for load support, internal damper and custom mountings.

Liquid Spring-Damper for Bore sighting Artillery

Tension-Compression Liquid Spring-Damper used in self aligning caliber bar for bore sighting artillery

Liquid Spring Isolators for Navy Electronic Cabinets

Tension-Compression Liquid Spring Isolator for Shipboard Based Electronic Cabinets

  Suspension  Strut for Military Vehicle 

Elastomeric Vehicle Suspension Strut for Military Vehicle

Isolators for Navy Navigation Systems

Ring Laser for Shipboard navigation system isolated by a truss work of Tension Compression Isolators with hard centering for passive realignment.

Isolation System for       Missile Guidance System       Set .

Active isolation system for missile guidance set

  Shock Absorber for Airborne Missile Launch System

M-Series Shock Absorber for airborne

Liquid Spring Damper for Arresting Hook on Naval Aircraft

Hard centering tension-compression liquid spring damper for arresting hook on naval aircraft-all titanium

Fin Fold Dampers for Tube launched Missiles

Fin fold dampers for a tube launched missile. Design based upon the Uni-Shok

Isolation Dampers for Military Sensors

Isolation systems using hermetic sealed frictionless dampers and variable rate coil springs for load support and centering in 3 axes.

Isolation System for Navy Based Missile

Tension-Compression Liquid Spring-Damper used in self aligning caliber bar for bore sighting artillery


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