Military / Navy Markets

The end of the Cold War in 1990 heralded a restructuring period for the American military and defense industry. One of the outcomes of this new era was that political and economic change allowed previously restricted technologies to become available to the general public. Taylor Devices, as a defense contractor, participated actively in funded Government directed research in energy management devices, in addition to the company’s internal R & D programs. Today Taylor Devices has sustained its strategy to provide new and improved products for emerging Military and Naval energy managment projects while continuing to support mature programs.


Special Applications

Taylor Devices works with their client’s in a confidential environment developing new products for Special Applications. Product listing includes single or double acting dampers, non-linear dampers, single and double acting liquid springs, tension shock absorbers and tension-compression shock absorbers. Orificing choices include low exponent, linear, or bernoullian types. Regardless of your requirements, Taylors engineering technology and certified production and testing facility will serve you with components and systems that possess the utmost in performance, quality, and reliability.


Machined Springs

Qualified to NASA standards, Machined Springs are now available in virtually any configuration to meet a challenging requirement. Finite element analysis accurately predicts stresses at all points in the spring to provided a design that stays well within fatigue limits. Machined springs can achieve essentially infinite cycle life. Machined springs are a valid consideration where requirements call for light weight solution, precise alignment and exact and consistent spring rate.



Fluidicshoks are small extremely compact shock absorbers available in 19 basic sizes. A unique fluidic amplifier is used to smoothly orifice fluid without spikes or steps. Taylor’s line of Commercial and Mechanical Shock absorbers is available in materials suited for the Military and Navy applications. To learn more visit  Commercial/Mechanical Market’s.





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