W-Series for Industrial / Mechanical Markets

TD Fluidicshok

W-Series Self-Adjusting Shock Absorber Features:

  • Typical uses include machinery, automated equipment, conveyors.
  • No maintenance, refilling, or adjusting required. The Fluidicshok® will automatically adjust its force
    and stroke to absorb any impact within its capacity diagram, even if weights and speeds change with
    each impact.
  • Solid stainless steel piston rod, hard chrome plated cylinder, and black oxide steel mounting
    standard on all models. All cylinders are one piece, machined from aircraft quality alloy steel.
  • Optional mountings are available, including back flange, front flange, threaded body, or full custom
  • Designed for high speed automated equipment, the W-Series Fluidicshok® can usually be operated at
    up to 20 C.P.M. without external reservoirs or heat exchangers. For applications outside this range,
    consult factory.
  • Normal operating temperature range is -20 degrees F to + 140 degrees F continuous duty


 Dimensional Data

Model # Mounting Strengh Req’d. (lbs.) C Stroke (in.) D (in.) E (in.)   f (in.)  Thread   H (in.) 
1 x 1W 2500 1 1 5 0.5 ½-20 0.81
1 x 2W 2500 2 1 8 0.5 ½-20 0.81
1¼ x 2W 5000 2 1.37 8.25 0.75 ¾-16 1.09
1½ x 3W 8000 3 1.62 11.75 1 Jan-14 1.35


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