Fluidicshoks are extremely compact shock absorber that only have 5 major parts. Capacities of up to 19,200 in-lb. A unique fluidic amplifier is used to smoothly orifice fluid without spikes or steps. Choose from our compact M-Series model, or heavy duty H-Series and for pure damper applications our D-Series Linear Dampers.


Liquid Die Springs

A liquid die spring is a unique way of obtaining high spring force and energy storage in a small package. The molecules of the internal fluid are mechanically compressed, yielding a spring output. Liquid die spring are used primarily in the tool and die industries such as blanking dies, piercing dies, punching dies, plastic molds and stripping dies fixtures.


Self -Adjusting Shock Absorbers

Taylor Devices self-adjusting shock absorbers are the only shock absorber that automatically adjust themselves to different impact conditions.  A patented exclusive of Taylor Devices, 3 different series of self adjusting units are available in 20 sizes. W-series fluidshoks are available in 4 sizes up to 19, 200 in-lb. capacity.  The Uni-shok, available in 6 models, has up to a capacity of up to 5,000 in-lb. suitable for many industrial applications. The self-adjusting shock absorbers are competitive with custom orificed or manually adjust designs.



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