Crane industry

Crane Buffers

Taylor Crane & Industrial Buffers are fluidic type shock absorbers designed for heavy duty, severe service applications. Crane Buffers absorb the total impact energy of the application and convert this energy to heat. After impact, internally mounted coil springs gently restore the buffer to its original un-stroked condition. A crane buffer is a device installed for the purpose of absorbing the energy of a moving crane, thereby protecting the crane, building and personnel in the immediate area from damage cased by collision.

Information required for new Crane buffer (Trolley / Bridge applications):

  • Number of buffers required
  • Bridge weight (lbs.), bridge speed (FPM), bridge motor H.P.
  • Trolley weight (lbs.), trolley speed (FPM), trolley motor H.P
  • How the load is suspended
  • Special ambient conditions
  • Other special requirements


W-Series Self Adjusting Crane Buffer

W-Series crane buffers are available in 10 sizes of up to 3,240,000 in-lb. capacity. The W-series Crane Buffer is the only shock absorber that automatically adjust themselves to different impact conditions.  Like all Taylor Devices buffers, this series of in house stock buffers are also maintenance free.







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