Urethane Springs

Custom-Engineered Urethane Springs

Taylor Devices custom-engineered urethane spring elements and spring assemblies meet strict environmental and precise requirements. Any combination of spring rate, force, stroke, size, and cycle life requirement can be evaluated, designed and manufactured to tight tolerances to provide an optimized solution. Various features include special end-attachments, damping characteristics (if necessary), color options, durometer selection, environmental/chemical compatibility options.

Conventional elastomeric mounts have been plagued by the effects of long-term creep, rate variability, manufacturing tolerances, durometer variations and aging. Taylor Devices urethane springs have address these types of concerns through proprietary developments by design and strict control of manufacturing processes.

Taylor Devices custom-engineered urethane spring elements are typically used for customized energy absorbers, vibration isolators, shock isolators, landing gear components and suspension systems. The Urethane Springs have been recently tested through a non-operating temperature range of -123° F to +185°F and an operating temperature range of -65° F to +160° F.

Landing gear components and suspension system


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