Special Applications

Special Applications for the Aerospace Markets

Working in a confidential environment, Taylor Devices specialized engineers and dedicated team provide solutions in regards to intergrading energy management products in aerospace applications.

Frictionless Damper Isolator

Isolator for airborne high altitude optical package. Frictionless damper adjustable variable rate coil spring.

Double Rod Shock Absorbers

Double Rod Shock Absorbers for aircraft radar system

Space Shuttle Oxygen Vent Line

Space shuttle application dampers of 10,000 lbs. force with 40 inches stroke

Deployment Damper

Semi-active energy absorbers for the space based U.S Defense Department Sensor

Soft Stop Absorbers

Soft Stop stainless steel absorbers for aircraft carrier catapult Shuttle

Solar Array Damper

Solar Array Deployment Damper for communications satellite

Hermetic Metal Bellows

Damper with zero friction metal bellows seals.

Frictionless Damper Mini

Miniature Frictionless titanium damper for outer space based electro-optical system hermetically sealed


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