Aerospace Market

Taylor Devices offers its Aerospace clients over 60 years of proven technology in the shock and vibration control field. Taylor provides a full range of services to analyze, optimize, design, manufacture, test, and integrate energy management control products. The design of a system subjected to shock and vibration can be greatly improved by the addition of isolators, dampers, or shock absorbers.


Special Applications

Taylor Devices has always been seen as a valued partner with NASA’s hi-tech supply chain. Taylor’s involvement in the manned space program dates back to the Apollo program on the early 1960. Taylor has partnered with NASA for products that have been used as part of the launch facilities and for actual spaceflight on three different space programs. In 2015 Taylor Devices and Company President Douglas Taylor were inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for their work with seismic dampers, which were first used in NASA’s Apollo program(1963-1972). To read more about this visit new’s “Taylor Devices: Space Technology Hall of Fame Class of 2015”


Machined Springs

Through Special engineering and manufacturing methods Taylor Devices offers a unique machined spring that is now used in helicopters, cargo aircraft, and the international Space Station. To learn more about Machine Springs visit Military and Navy Markets / Machine Springs



As Taylor Devices products are all custom designed based on customer requirements in the Aerospace industry, the small maintenance Fluidicshoks are a option as a shock absorber for medium energy applications. To learn more visit Industrial and Mechanical Markets





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