Viscous Dampers as a Seismic Solution

22 Apr Viscous Dampers as a Seismic Solution

Corporate Video: Viscous Dampers as a Seismic Solution for Canadian Bridges and Structural Construction Projects

An earthquake that lasts no more than a few minutes can cause devastation to a community, its people and their business for years after the first tremor was felt.

The 4 minute video below talks about 3 specific Canadian projects that use Taylor Fluid Viscous Dampers. These devices increase structural damping levels to as much as 50 % of critical, the results being a truly dramatic stress and deflection reduction. Taylor provides full analysis, development, manufacturing and testing capabilities catering to the most challenging structures supported by over 50 years experience in the damper business..


Port Mann Bridge – the widest long steel arch bridge in the world

Deh Cho Bridge – meeting stringent environmental conditions minus 40 degrees

B.C. Place Stadium – creating a regional emergency shelter for events such as earthquakes





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