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432 Park Avenue, New York, NY

432 Park Avenue was designed by Rafeal Vinoly and is to date the third tallest building in the United States, and the tallest Residential building in the world. The 1,396 ft structure is composed of a 30 square foot reinforced concrete core with 30 inch thick walls. The design of the building allowed the floor to remain fully open for the complete 27 ft span between the core and shell.

Aimed at providing occupancy comfort in regards to swaying due to wind, Taylor Devices Viscous Dampers were used as part of a Tuned Mass Damper. The two 660-ton masses with eight Viscous Dampers are cable-suspended at the top of the tower and in the outriggers of some of the mechanical floors to help damp the motion. As wind force acts upon the building, the tuned masses, with assistance from the dampers, dissipate the wind energy and limit wind sway motion.

432 Park Avenue -Manhattan building has 88 floors
featuring 12.5 foot ceiling heights and 10 by 10 ft windows.

Taylor Devices Viscous Damper, manufactured, tested,  QA Inspection at their North Tonawanda Location
and ready for shipping for 432 Park Avenue Application. 

Total # of Viscous Dampers 16
Damper length 24ft, Diam 1ft,
Damper rating per unit: 156,000 ft pound/minute peak power dissipation 

Tune Mass Dampers

Taylor Devices provides various solutions when it comes to mitigating wind vortex on structural applications or pedestrian/wind induced vibration on civil applications. To Learn more visit “Tuned Mass Dampers

Taylor Devices Inc. Annual Report 2015 highlighting  432 Park Avenue-Manhattan Application

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