Viscous and Lock Up Devices Testing

10 Jun Viscous and Lock Up Devices Testing

Every Fluid Viscous Damper and lock up device is individually tested to customer specified maximum forces and velocities prior to delivery. The Seismic testing of viscous fluid dampers results completed by Taylor Devices is in parallel with the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering research (MCEER) [vc_video...

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Prototype Testing of Isolator Bearings

10 Jun Prototype Testing of Isolator Bearings

Dis has conducted extensive high strain testing on isolator bearings including a 45.5 inch diameter isloator being tested to 45 inches displacement. [vc_video link='']...

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Prototype of adjustable Dampers

10 Jun Prototype of adjustable Dampers

A 25 second video of a prototype adjustable damper as a solution for earthquake protection. The biggest benefit of adding dampers to a building is to reduce deflection and stress simultaneously. Rigid braces reduce deflection while making the building stiffer and attracting more earthquake load. [vc_video...

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