Non Structural Isolation Systems

Non-Structural Isolation Systems

When Isolating an entire structure is not an option, or required Dynamic Isolation Systems (DIS) has a number of solutions to protect vital equipment and artwork from the damage or downtime caused by a seismic event.

Application for Non-Structural isolation include:
  • Computer Servers
  • Modular Data Centers
  • Prefabricated Structures
  • Artwork, Including Statues
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Emergency Command Centers
  • Data Center Floors
  • Medical, High-Tech & Electrical Equipment

Non-Structural Isolation – Isolated Platform (IP)

Isolated Platforms provide protection against server downtime and equipment damage in the event of an earthquake. Conventional earthquake protection utilizes strengthening techniques which actually increase seismic forces and acceleration. Conversely, Isolated Platforms reduce equipment forces. Seismic isolation has been utilized to achieve Uptime Institute’s Tier 4 rating in seismic zones. Standard Dynamic Isolation Isolated Platforms are designed for 100psf to 500psf floor loading in moderate to high seismic regions. Individual Platforms can be bolted together on all four sides, allowing for versatile layouts.

Seismic Isolated Platforms

Overhead cable trays are easily used. Modules are available in Standard (4ft x 4ft and extended 4ft x 6ft).

Dynamic Isolation Systems Isolated Platforms
Isolated Platforms (IP) applications include

Computer Servers
Medical Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
Artwork, Statues

Non-Structural Isolation – Isolated Floor (IL)

DIS Isolated Floor systems provide continuous, single-level flooring with seamless integration of conventional, raised-access floors. The Isolated Floor is comprised of Multi-Directional Springs and high-load capacity rolling supports in standard 4ft x 6ft modules which accommodate standard 2ft x 2ft access floor tiles. Modules are connected on all four sides, allowing for custom configurations. Under floor utilities may be organized through incorporated cable trays and remain accessible via standard access floor tiles or placed on the floor below the stringers. Isolated floors are designed for 100psf to 500psf floor loading in moderate to high seismic regions.

Seismic Isolated Floor Dynamic Teratec

Floor heights available from 1 to 4 feet

Seismic Isolated Floor
Isolated  Floor (IF) applications include

Emergency Operation Centers
Data Centers
Large Floor Areas
Raised Floor Configurations

Non-Structural Isolation – Modular Isolation System (MIS)

Dynamic Isolation System patented Modular Isolation System is comprised of multi-directional springs and high load capacity rolling supports housed within an attractive steel frame. The frame matches the footprint of a standard data center and is only 12″ in height. Standard MIS are designed for 25,000 to 65,000 pound modular data centers in moderate to high seismic regions. A DIS Modular Isolation System application in Costa Rica met requirements during a 2012  earthquake of a magnitude 7.6 .

Seismic Modular Isolation Systems

Seismic Isolation has been utilized to achieve Uptime Institute’s Tier 4 rating in seismic zones.

non structural seismic protection modular isolation system
Concrete Pad Requirement

Dimensions: Container size plus 2ft perimeter
Flatness Finish: FF 50
Levelness Finish: FL 30
Designed to support 10,000 lb. point loads

Non-Structural Isolation Systems . . .

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