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Feature Rehabilitation Structures

Historical Lord Strathcona Elementary School


Lord Strathcona Elementary was founded in 1891 with additions added in the 1910’s through the 1930’s. It is the oldest continuously operating school in British Columbia. TStrathcona School seismic projectoday it is the only elementary school in the East Vancouver area and has legal heritage designation from the City of Vancouver.

Dynamic Isolation Systems (DIS) with Teratec Inc. (Canadian Representative) were awarded the contract as supplier of Seismic Isolation System. The Lord Strathcona Building C was also the first building incorporating DIS isolators in a retrofit using jacking technology in the retrofit.

Upon completion of the seismic upgrade this school will be in compliance with current building code performance requirements.

Slide Bearing retrofit structure
Seismic Lead Rubber Bearing

18 Sliding Isolators were used in Conjunction with LRB’s to Optimize the Performance of the Isolation System.

 12 Seismic Lead Rubber Bearings (LRBs) were used in the Isolation System 

DIS Isolation Bearings were installed first on the underside of the first floor slab, then new foundation piers were installed supporting the flat jacks and bearings.


jacking system for raising foundation

               Close Up of the Jacking System

LRB seismic


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