Feature Bridge Application

Granville Bridge, Vancouver, BC

Product: Dynamic Isolation Systems – Seismic Bearings (LRB)

The Granville Bridge is an eight-lane vehicular bridge that spans over Granville Island and False Creek, South of the downtown core. The bridge was constructed in the 1950’s to replace the then-existing timber trestle. Providing four lanes of traffic in both the northbound and southbound directions, the bridge serves as a vital link for vehicular traffic, including public transit services.

For this bridge applications, Dynamic Isolation Systems (DIS) Seismic Bearing was the product of choice.

One of the biggest challenges faced during design was to determine how the temporary works and jacking could be implemented to allow safe bearing replacement. The bridge was to remain open to traffic throughout the bearing replacement process, with the exception of a brief closure during initial lifting and lowering of the bridge. This meant that temporary works needed to account for full live load and thermal considerations. The retrofit details include both temporary and permanent jacking diaphragms within the truss chords, pre-stressing the concrete substructure at each jacking location, and hinged jacking supports.








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